The Arts give power to Everything FoCi.

FoCi is dedicated to bringing modern and contemporary art to the world in an interesting, entertaining and financially rewarding way. We develop social and cultural marketplaces that nurture and promote the understanding of art while bridging the gap between art and business.

Art makes life better.

FoCi Art Fair stages art shows to present modern and contemporary works from emerging and established artists from around the globe. We provide a platform for top art institutions and galleries to access an international audience of collectors, museum directors, curators, artists, dealers, critics and art enthusiasts. We sponsor art and art related events, concerts and auctions that promote and advance art.

At the Art Fair, emerging artists from top institutions exhibit works in the Institutions Section, the Feature Section showcases precisely curated projects and established artists display their single-artist presentations in the Statement Section.

Participating institutions, galleries and artists for each FoCi Art Fair show are selected by committees composed of independent gallery directors and artists. Each year begins a fresh application process and all institutions, galleries and artists must reapply.

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Inspiring Creativity.

The Gallery's primary activity is art acquisition and conservation, putting its collection on view in Miami and by loan elsewhere, borrowing works of art for exhibition in Miami and around the globe, disseminating information that illuminates and reinforces art in general as well as its own collection, and creating ancillary programs that educate the community about art.

The Collection preserves art in optimum condition for future generations. To carry out this responsibility, the Gallery maintains effective programs of security, insurance, environmental control, buildings maintenance and conservation.