Cultivate Today for Tomorrow.

The FoCi Foundation is a tax-exempt private charitable foundation enacted to develop educational, social and cultural programs, platforms and marketplaces that nurture and improve Education and Art. As a charitable foundation, we offer a helping hand; allowing others to prosper and therefore better their environments and the world.

We work shoulder-to-shoulder with partners and neighbors to tackle critical problems in three program areas:

- Our United States Division works to promote and provide for communities that allow all creative talents to shape and advance culture.

- Our Global Development Division works to increase opportunities for people in developing countries to overcome poverty through the attainment of education.

- Our Special Division works to help effective relief agencies and local organizations respond quickly to people’s most pressing needs in challenging conditions.

Our approach to grant-making in all three areas emphasizes collaboration, innovation, risk-taking and most importantly, results.

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Continuing to Empower Haiti.

A New Ritual is a humanitarian-based new media network, campaign and fundraising platform created to advance Education, Art and Media in Haiti.

We are bringing into focus four initiatives (the Public Schools Initiative, the University Initiative, the Art and Media Initiative and the Campaign) that will help to ensure that the people of Haiti have the tools they need to achieve their goals and contribute to the economic health of their country.

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