April 03, 2008
Aperture Group, Inc. announces the closing of a merger of Cornerstone Jan, Inc. with the Aperture Group of Firms. Cornerstone Jan, Inc. specializes in real-estate analysis and investment throughout the state of Georgia. The practice will continue with the name “Cornerstone Jan”.


October 09, 2007
Aperture Group, Inc. purchases the remaining interest of Nuecon, LLC. that it did not already own. Nuecon, LLC will continue with the name “Aperture Group, Inc.”

May 12, 2007
Carübbean Life partners with DACRA Development and the Miami Design District to present “the Real Caribbean” photo exhibition by Eddy Joseph.


June 17, 2006
Carübbean Life is awarded the key to the City of Miami Beach for its on-going efforts to celebrate the contributions of Latin America and the Caribbean Diaspora.

April 14, 2006
Nuecon, LLC. forms a partnership with Living Pictures, Corp. Living Pictures, Corp. has established a very strong reputation in the tv, film and events production industries. The firm operates in six locations in the US, Europe and Latin America.

April 04, 2006
Carübbean Life announces the launch of JuneFest & Co. LLC. JüneFest is the ultimate destination for people that embody the spirit of the Caribbean. This series of Carübbean Life events celebrates the contributions of the Diaspora through the vibrant art, rhythms and cultures of Latin America and the Caribbean. JüneFest culminates with a major annual festival in the US in recognition of Caribbean-American Heritage Month and Juneteenth.

March 10, 2006
Nuecon, LLC. forms a partnership with Nahar Investment, Corp. Nahar Investment, Corp. is an established Miami real-estate and investment company. The firm is known for its work in the real-estate, finance, urban planning and marketing fields.


September 13, 2005
Nuecon, LLC. announces a partnership with artist photographer Eddy Joseph to create the Carübbean Life® Coffee Table Book series.

February 08, 2005
Nuecon, LLC announces the launch of Carübbean Life®. Carübbean Life is a social network and emerging media marketplace that connects media providers with media seekers through public relations, sponsored events, online communities, publications and other proprietary lifestyle media content that defines, promotes, unifies and strengthens the Caribbean + Urban lifestyle.


May 04, 2004
Nuecon, LLC announces the launch of Carübbean®. Carübbean is a unifying cultural identity brand that speaks to the global audience of individuals that celebrate Caribbean culture while living today’s urban lifestyle. The Carübbean brand supplies the marketplace with high-value products and services that embody and advance the Caribbean + Urban lifestyle.

January, 12, 2004
Aperture Group, Inc. announces the formation of Nuecon, LLC. Nuecon, LLC. is a lifestyle media company that specializes in connecting businesses with today’s urban, multicultural markets. The goal is to be a leading independent media provider and creative think tank for the urban market.


October 15, 2001
Aperture Group, Inc. announces a partnership with Campus Sports, Inc. As a result A5 Holdings, LLC. is established to acquire, produce, manufacture, and distribute contemporary clothing lines. Campus Sports, Inc. is a subsidiary of Formosa Textile Group, a manufacturer of fabric trims, accessories and finished goods for name-brand sportswear companies such as Nike, Adidas and Columbia Sports. Formosa Textile Group has headquarters in the City of Industry (Walnut, California) and two factories in El Salvador, which employ more than 2,400 Salvadoran workers.


July 18, 2000
Aperture Group, Inc. announces the closing of a merger of Laboratory 23, Inc. with the Aperture Group of Firms Established in 1996, Laboratory 23, Inc. has extensive expertise in the graphic designs, sales, marketing, digital media, broadcast, and printing fields. Its business portfolio includes the licensing rights from Broadcast America to develop online radio stations. The practice will continue with the name “Aperture Group, Inc.”

July 12, 2000
Aperture Group, Inc. acquires the remaining interest of Brickell Media Group, Inc.

February 22, 2000
Brickell Media Group sold its shares in Bemer-Kraüse Miami, Inc. (the printing press) to Union Management Group, Inc.


May 10, 1999
As a result of the Aperture Group/Laboratory 23/Urban Times merger, Aperture Group announces the formation of Brickell Media Group, Inc. This venture results in the joint operation of Urban Times, Inc. (monthly newspaper), Jamaica Blue Mountain Traders, LLC (coffee company) and Bemer-Kraüse Miami, Inc. (printing press). Brickell Media Group is a highly regarded name in the practice of photography, graphic design, marketing, media and printing fields. The firm is known for its creative talent, sales and marketing expertise and consistency of professional services to its clients. Aperture Group, Inc. is the holding and Management Company of Brickell Media Group, Inc.

April 05, 1999
Aperture Group announces the acquisition of Tians, Inc. For 3 years, Tians has fostered a remarkable reputation for creative and reliable work in the photography and marketing fields. This acquisition results in Aperture Group’s operation of both Tians, Inc. and its social initiative, Project Haiti Foundation Inc., a non-profit organization established in 1998 to create long-term sustainable solutions and growth to the people of Haiti in the areas of economic, healthcare, and education. Tians, Inc. will continue to practice with the name “Aperture Group, Inc.” Aperture Group, Inc. is a photography, graphic design and marketing firm.