CAREERS We want FoCi Group to be populated by a diverse mix of ingenious people. We look for people for whom the words ‘nothing is impossible’ are exciting rather than daunting. We need people who represent and exemplify certain beliefs:

1. We are the consumer. We listen to the music, go to the events, buy the art, eat the food, wear the fashions, view the products, and use the technologies. Our lifestyle is part of our work and our work is part of our lifestyle. This allows us to be authentic, meaningful, and dangerously innovative for our customers and clients.

2. Know yourself. That’s when you realize your full potential. When are you most inspired? Most productive? How does your culture and environment influence how you think?

3. Concept is king. Get your idea straight and details will follow. Focus on meaning, not only on how things look, feel or sound. Look at the big picture and take radical endeavors from start to finish in small steps.

If you think you’d fit in here, explore our career opportunities.

Note for Recruitment Agencies

FoCi Group does not accept unsolicited resumes from recruiters. Submission of unsolicited resumes in advance of a signed agreement between FoCi Group and the recruiter does not create any implied obligation on the part of FoCi Group and there will be no responsibility or obligation for any fees related to unsolicited resumes/applications.

FoCi Group is an equal opportunity employer.