Education incorporates all facets of Global Development.

FoCi invests in innovative learning facilities, environments, tools and systems that engage and inspire students. Well-designed buildings and pleasant surroundings coupled with well-planned curriculums lead to better behavior (including attendance and concentration) and attitudes (such as motivation and self-esteem) which in turn affect expectations, performance and attainment of students, parents and teachers.

Our approach is based on collaboration with clients, partners and governments to clearly define educational and building goals. We develop solutions that provide safe and progressive facilities that enhance the total learning experience. We help communities understand evaluate and implement educational programs.

We support 21st Century Learning by creating developmentally appropriate spaces and courses that are conducive to different learning modalities; from traditional to high-tech and from team-based projects to self-directed learning, encompassing a variety of technological tools and methods including cloud servers, interactive white boards, wireless connectivity/hotspots and smart building.